Ready? or not…

This is a video  that was created as part of an advertising campaign that debuted last year. It was part of an attempt on the part of various government entities to get people to start thinking in term of being prepared for emergencies. I haven’t seen a lot of the campaign ads since the effort began, so I’m guessing – given the crappy economy – that they figure that the American public has other things to worry about. This is unfortunate since, in my book, economic collapse would count as one hell of an emergency.

They get their “A” for effort – even though I think that “Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed” doesn’t go nearly far enough.  In the last decade, we’ve been caught flatfooted enough times that we ought to know better by now.  And, if we didn’t, last year’s ad campaign  is our government telling us – in strangely gentle, reassuring tones – that they won’t be able to save us.

If you liked what you saw on, allow me to suggest another webite: ReallyReady.  It’s a preparedness website created by the Federation of American Scientists.  It points out some of the shortcomings of  FEMA’s site without coming across too heavy handed or alarmist.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print this evening.  Thanks for reading.


“World Upside Down” Copyright 2009 FEMA


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