First things first.

I don’t think of myself as a survivalist, a gun nut, or a conspiracy theorist. I like to think of myself as a legitimate citizen. I volunteer for an organization that helps homeless families, and for a community emergency response team. I pay my taxes. I try to make informed decisions. I vote.  I’m not an idiot. I’m reasonably level-headed. I know that the popular media is about what sells and what titillates and not about what’s true and even what’s necessary for people to know for their own good. I am kind of ordinary, I think.

And I have questions. That’s why I am here. Like many citizens, I suspect that there are things that I need to know or that I should know – but I don’t know. At the risk of sounding somewhat Rumsfeld-esque, I have an inkling about what I know that I do not know. And I want to learn. I want to learn the important stuff, the stuff anyone should know  – at least from my great-great-grandparents’ perspective: hunting; fishing; gardening; preserving food; raising  livestock; getting through winter; surviving summer; finding water – that kind of thing. I want to understand the world around me. I want to understand the way things work – and how to fix them when they don’t.  I figure if I have questions, other people like me have those same questions. I am starting from near zero, but still from square one.

My advantage? I know that the everything is not necessarily as it seems. And I know that I am not ready.

In this blog we’ll endeavor to explore numerous subjects covering a broad spectrum of (hopefully) useful knowledge and skills.

Let’s take this journey together and learn as we go.


2 Responses to “First things first.”

  1. Sugar Says:

    Hey guys! What a phenomenal idea. I can’t wait to read all about what you have to say and to learn with you and from you.

  2. Elisheva Levin Says:

    Hi–Ragamuffin Studies and Ragamuffin Ranch here!

    I think you’ll find that most of us in the preparedness and patriot communities are like you two, and some of us are further along than others. As for me, I wasn’t a ‘gun nut’–whatever that means–until I went to my first Appleseed Shoot, and found out how much I enjoyed learning to shoot a rifle well. I vote. I am politically active. I have a family and my own business. And like you, I am concerned that things are definitely not as they seem, and that hard times are coming.

    A recommendation: Cope Reynolds, the owner of Southwest Shooting Authority, which recently relocated to Luna, NM, is holding a free preparedness seminar on December 11. Although it is focused on Catron County, it is open to people from all over New Mexico and Arizona. Cope is an awesome resource and teacher, not only in matters of guns and ammo, but also with respect to communications, food storage, and community awareness.

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