What scares you more? A perspective on stuff vs. everything else

Wow, I thought being unemployed was crazy. Now the headlines seem worse than ever. We’ve seen civil unrest sparked by a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri… the worst ebola virus outbreak in more than a dozen years… the rise of ISIL in the Middle East… heck, even in my home town of Albuquerque, the Department of Justice had to wade in and weigh in on police use of force. And God only knows what’s been going on that mainstream, media hasn’t covered and spit up for us. These are crazy, evening frightening, days.


So, folks… what scares you more? What sorts of emergencies and situations do you think are more likely where you live? And are they the same things… those things that scare you, versus the things that are most likely? krqd-apd-rally11-1024x576-socialistorganizer.org








It may be sexy and cool to prepare for a zombie attack, but is it really likely? In the face of a pandemic, will the ammunition you stockpiled protect you from infection as effectively as an N95 mask? And will any amount of guns, or personal protective equipment protect you if you don’t have it when you need it? Or what if you don’t see the emergency developing around you and don’t have time to save yourself or your family? I’ll write more soon about likelihood vs. impact… and about what sorts of situations we’ve found ourselves in over the last few months…


But in the meantime… ask yourself… what scares you? And how can you be prepared for it?



Image from socialistorganizer.org


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