Crazy Times

Here it is, October 1, 2013 and the world is changing around us. Summer is giving way to autumn. The nation is not-so-quietly trying to adapt to the first pieces of the Affordable Care Act taking effect and our national government has manage to shut itself down for the first time in, what is it now, eighteen years I believe. Strange days, my friends.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how we’re starting at Square One, re-addressing what it means to be prepared in light of a new diagnosis in the family, and the potential of another family member coming to live with us. Life, in its infinite wisdom has thrown us another wrinkle: five days after my last post my boss called me in to work on my day off and laid me off.

ImageShe could no longer meet payroll, she said, our system wasn’t sustainable. Even though, in no small part due to my work with her, we had more than doubled the practice volume (from 120 patients per month to more than 300), “past debt obligations” now made it impossible for her to meet payroll. Thanks and goodbye.

In what will be the last rant at my former boss, I will say that I think we put a good system together and now she’s going run with it. I think she was thinking that with only three remaining employees, she wouldn’t be impacted by the Affordable Care Act  (amateur mistake).  I also think that she had no desire nor any intention of implementing the Privacy and Security measures required of her by HIPAA and HITECH and eliminated the voice that was reminding her that she needed to be compliant if she wanted to continue doing business.  Like the kitten hiding only its head under the couch, if she can’t see it, it ain’t there.

Well, we live and learn. I hope.

So, here I am pushing 50, unemployed and trying to keep the family fed, the roof over our head, keep the lights on and the water running and still manage to make some preparations on a much-more-limited budget. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.

This is a boat hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans find themselves in.  So folks, let’s all row together. We’re stronger together than alone.

Thanks for reading. You’re the best.


Image from University of Southern California Center for Work and Family Life


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  1. cc Says:

    Love you and your strength 🙂

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