Long time gone…

Street sign in Albuquerque - photo credit long since lost. My Apologies to the photographer.

Street sign in Albuquerque – photo credit long since lost. My Apologies to the photographer.

So, yeah… it’s been nearly two years since I sat down to blog. This is unfortunate, because a lot that deserves honest attention has happened in that time: the blossoming of the latest wave of zombie popularity (which is fun stuff and has tremendous application for folks who want to be prepared), the unwinding of hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan, the escalation of tensions elsewhere in the Middle East, new viruses, new technologies, the NSA surveillance debacle, the drone program, the bombing at the Boston Marathon, the madness of the world economy, the re-emergence of Fukashima, and on… and on… and on…

And through it all, I’ve been silent. Not intentionally, but it’s that old saw: life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.  In the nearly two years I’ve been away from the keyboard, we’ve been dealing with career changes, and with health and family issues that just seemed more pressing than getting another blog entry out.

Ironically, it’s those same health and family issues that have brought me back to  the laptop after the long silence.  Because of a changing family dynamic and serious health issues, we’ve been confronted with the fact that our preparations are no longer viable. We have been forced to change the way we think about being prepared, change the how we plan and prepare, change the things we decide to store.

The last two years have taken us essentially back to square one. But in that, we feel that there is much to be learned. So, as always, we’ll take you right along with us.  We’ll look at how we prepared before and how we do it differently now. We’ll look at what we’ve learned and what still needs work. We’ll be honest about our victories — and about our epic failures. Because you deserve to know — and because you could be faced with a similar issue, out of the blue, just like we were.

So, expect more blog entries, more articles, more book reviews (our favorite authors are still hard at work). Expect more honesty and personal experience.  Pull up a chair next to the fire (you do know how to get a fire going, don’t you?), and make yourself comfy. Let’s get this show on  the road again.

I look forward to sitting with y’all soon.



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