3 days’ worth of calories…

So, you’re  operating from the assumption that you’re preparing for three days of not being able to get out and go to the store while the city thaws out from a huge winter storm. And you’re thinking, “Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll put back three days worth of food in case we get stranded at home by an ice storm or something. How much space is this stuff gonna take up in my pantry?”

Honestly, not much. Based on a need for 2,000 calories per person per day, Jaime and I will need to have about 12,000 calories of food put away to tide us over for three days. There are 12,000 calories in the frame above. And that doesn’t include any oils (or other fats), fresh veggies, meat from the deep freeze, or spices we might add during cooking.  Just so you’ll know, the Red Bull can is included to give you an idea of scale. If I piled everything up, it would take around a cubic foot of shelf space – not quite that much, but close. And that’s 3 days of calories for two people. Maybe not the most exciting cuisine, but do-able. You probably already have that much stuff in your pantry now.  The key is getting used to thinking in terms of what you have and not having panic just because the lights go out, or because the city’s iced in.

What  if the power does go out and you can’t use your electric stove? For us, Plan B is peanut butter and crackers, or canned tuna or chicken on crackers (all of which are sitting in the pantry). If it’s cold and we really just have to have something warm, we can heat things up on a camp stove (outside – never use your camp stove indoors), or even in the fire pit. No camp stove, grill, or hibachi? Better get some extra crackers.

The idea of an emergency may be scary, but getting through it doesn’t have to be. At the very least, you won’t starve. With a little creativity and planning ahead of time, you can weather a storm in relative comfort still enjoying your some of your favorite foods.

As always, thanks for reading.

~ L.

 About the photo:

Spaghetti:  +/- 200 calories per serving; 1 package = 800 calories; 8 pounds = 6400 calories.  Pinto beans about 600 calories per package; 4 packages = 2400 calories. Tuna, 3 cans @ 100 calories per can = 300 calories. Misc. cans of veggies & olives account for another 1000 calories. 12 packets of instant oatmeal @ +/- 150 calories each = 1800 calories. About 12,000 calories in that frame.


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