Bosque Farms Fiber Fair

Today we checked out the Second Annual Bosque Farms Fiber Fair – held at the Valencia County Community Center. What? Did you think that this blog was going to be strictly end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it and doom-and-gloom posts? No way. Fiber arts are older than human history. The first archeological evidence of humans wearing woven fabric dates back around 27,000 years. That’s right, 270 centuries. Recorded history began some 24,000 years later. So, it’s safe to say that fiber arts have played a role in how we’ve come to be the humans that we are today. And today, we humans went to the Bosque Farms Fiber Fair.

The Fair is sponsored by the Farm to Finish Guild  of Valencia County. They’re a small, but friendly bunch of folks dedicated to preserving and teaching fiber arts. The fair they put on today was small, and intimate but well attended. There were numerous artists in house demonstrating hand weaving on rigid heddle looms, making lace, inkle weaving, painting silk scarves, knitting, spinning and felting. Vendors offered everything from wool roving, to yarn, to finished garments, to handmade soaps and candies. The fair felt less like a commercial enterprise and more like a big gathering of like-minded friends. When I had questions, each and every artist was quick to answer it, or quick to say, “Oh, you know who teaches that?” and a referral to another table would follow. As these things go, it was small and sweet and a great deal of fun. So much fun that we are contemplating joining the Guild. We’ll probably go next year – but hopefully we’ll have a table of our own soaps, yarns and roving to display.

As always, thanks for reading. ~ L.

The wheel pictured above, right is a Schacht Lady Bug. It’s my wheel of choice. Flexible enough for beginners and versatile ebnough for seasoned pros. Photo copyright Schacht Spindle Company 2009.


One Response to “Bosque Farms Fiber Fair”

  1. Jaime Says:

    The fair was a place we saw beautiful art and met wonderful inspiring artists. I think that our version of survival and living are like this, we go to a fiber show on Saturday and buy a gun on Sunday…..
    Living an aware life is multi dimensional. We are striving in this blog to show a glimpse of all those dimensions!!


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