ASE30 Safe Escape Hood

In the future, we’ll be talking more and more about  personal emergency kits. Whether you call it a go-bag, a bug-out bag, a bail-out bag, a bug-out kit, an oh shit kit, an AWOL bag, or your three-day bag, there’s no doubt that the bag and its contents will vary, sometimes wildly, from person to person – and from location to location, and purpose to purpose. It’s amazing and sometimes amusing to see what somebody feels that they can’t live without in an emergency.

For example, I am far less concerned about being stranded at my office than I am about being stuck somewhere in my car due to road closures. My “stranded” bag is in the car. My office kit, where the greatest danger is from fire and smoke, contains relatively few supplies. There’s a handful of light sticks (to pass out to co-workers on my way out), a couple of flashlights (one for me, and a spare), a whistle, and an evacuation hood.

The most expensive item, obviously, is the hood. It set me back about $70. I bought it about two years ago from OCEANMEDIX. At the time, they were the only place to pick them up for U.S. dollars. Now, they’re more widely available. You can still get them at OCEANMEDIX, but you can also find them (still for about $70) at AMAZON.COM, BEYONDBULBS.COM, AND WESTERN SAFETY.

According to the low-rez video I downloaded from Western Safety (coming soon), the ASE 30 will provide you with 30 MINUTES of breathable air in a fire. BEYONDBULBS.COM and WESTERN SAFETY carry the ASE60 – guaranteed to give you an hour of breathable air. The ASE 60 wasn’t available when I bought my 30. When it comes time to replace it at the end of its warranty period (in about three years or so), I might upgrade.  

Am I being silly or paranoid to place my faith in the ASE30? I hope I never need to find out. But if I do, I’d rather face the 17 floor evacuation down a potentially pitch black, smoke-filled stairwell with the ASE30 than without it.

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